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Pay for the gigs you want to see, not someone else's fee

What we do

We sell tickets

We started KiwiTicket after realising the myriad of add on fees when buying tickets are a scam.

Why should you pay an extra 4 or 5 dollars to a ticketing company for the privilege of taking your payment? It didn't stop there, why are we paying booking fees? You had one job ticket companies... to take the booking. It's a bit like paying your bus fare and then paying an extra dollar for the driver to open the doors for you to disembark.

We are a ticketing company for the times. Simple to use, no hidden fees and no wasting paper by printing tickets. Find a gig, book a ticket, share with friends and use your ticket, all from your phone.

How it works

Browse Events

Check out what's happening in music, comedy, theatre, food and drink and much more. Kill that Friday night boredom and get a group together.

Buy Your Tickets

Buy tickets to what you want to see, don't get stung with an invisible fee. Booking fees? Payment processing fees? Transaction Delivery costs? This isn't 1998, with all that out of the way, spend more money on regrettable merch. What you see a ticket cost, is what you pay. Always.

Show Your QR Code On Mobile

Give the office printer a rest, no need to panic on the day. When you get to the event, your QR code ticket will magically appear in your KiwiTicket account. Just show this on the door using your smartphone and enjoy that lead guitarist \ hot new beat poet.

Sell tickets

Sell tickets on KiwiTicket

Right now KiwiTicket is hungry for events. We'd love to hear how we can help you ticket your events with our self service model. Get in touch by emailing info@kiwiticket.co.nz.

To see our standard fee table click here.