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Spring Speed Dating! (Ages 23-30)

Meet Your Match!

JOIN our second Spring event! Our last event had over 15 people, with a 2:1 gender balance (we try our best to make this as close as we can!) We work hard behind the scenes to give you a positive and valuable night out.

ARE you irritated with pointless swiping and online conversations that go nowhere? Well, nothin' beats meeting someone face to face in a laid-back environment. Wellington Speed Dating is a chill and efficient way to meet fun and attractive people. Last year we matched over 200 people and have a track record of 1' n' 2 matches!

How it works:

This Nov 23 Wellington Speed Dating will be hosting its second spring event of the year. It's the same format as before, with all daters swapping partners for 5-minute mini-dates until everyone has dated. You simply match those you like with a scorecard. The next day, Wellington Speed Dating will let you know who you matched by email.

Purchasing a ticket is the best way to make sure you don't miss out as numbers are limited (we only have space for the first 30). It's also cheaper than the walk-in price.

Recommended ages: Women and Men 23 - 30.

(disclaimer: WSD in no waaaay accepts responsibility for any long term relationships caused by using its services ;)

Tickets are non-refundable.

The Welsh Dragon10a Cambridge Terrace
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